Who Killed Christmas?


Ebenezer Scrooge, now converted to a love of Christmas, is starting to revert to his old ways.  Why?  Because of the three spirits of Christmas who are trying to choke the life out of his favorite time of year.  A very funny play about the horrors of "Happy Holidays".

CAST:  3 men, 1 woman.

LENGTH:  One act, 30 minutes.

REQUIREMENTS:  Unitary interior set..

As the Globe Turns

DESCRIPTION:  The perfect show for introducing actors and audiences to Shakespeare!

In this hilarious comedy, a group of traveling Shakespearian actors, down on their luck, attempt to court a rich patroness of the arts in order to get backing for their shows.  Meanwhile, a trio of romances bloom backstage in ways that reflect the themes of many of Shakespeare's plays.  Mistaken identities and disguises complicate the action and add some belly laughs along the way.

The show also makes clear that Shakespeare's world view, embodied in his great works, are eminently Christian and moral.

CAST:  4 men, 7 women.

LENGTH:  Two acts; 90 min. to 2 hours, plus intermission.

REQUIREMENTS:  Scene changes may be done with simple minimalist sets.

The Lamb of God


An updated version of The Second Shepherd's Pageant.  In this fast paced comedy, a renegade shepherd steals a sheep from a sheepfold and tries to disguise it as a baby so his fellow shepherds won't find out.  But a visit to his inn by  Joseph on the night of the Nativity sheds new light on his sinful act and on the grace offered to all sinners by God.

CAST:  3 men, 1 woman. 

LENGTH:  One-Act, about half an hour.

REQUIREMENTS:  Unitary set - the Inn in Bethlehem.  Simple costumes and props.

Little Saint of the Poor


Written and produced to commemorate the canonization of Jeanne Jugan, foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, this show presents the story of her life and her struggles.  We journey with Jeanne as she gives up her own bed to a poor and dying woman, as she, by the grace of God, founds an order dedicated to serving the elderly and infirm; and as she is denied all honor and recognition of this remarkable feat by an unscrupulous man who forces Jeanne into a kind of exile in her own final years.  This story is inspiring, as Jeanne's love for God shines through in her care for the aged and in the midst of her troubles.  The play also delves into life issues that are currently in contention - euthanasia, dying, and dignity - and shows how these issues are fully transformed by the love of God and the love of the poorest among us.

CAST:  3 men, 1 woman. 

LENGTH:  One-Act, about 1:15  to 1:30.

REQUIREMENTS:  Either unitary abstract set, or simple backdrops for each scene.  Simple costumes and props.

The Great Adventure


Quests, Obstacles, Virtues, and Vices - What will keep our young heroes from living the Great Adventure of the Faith? And what will they need for help? This interactive epic, starring the kids of your parish or church, will answer the question!  The choices they make determine the very plot of the show - and the obstacles they encounter along the way.

In this updated and funny version of the allegorical drama Everyman, we take several volunteers from the audience, one of whom plays Anykid, the hero, who must make right choices to complete his quest.  Other volunteer actors portray the allegorical figures Faith, Hope and Love, as well as the Seven Sacraments, Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.  Each volunteer has a short poem to read at some point during the show.

When that dastardly villain, Deadly Dark, steals our hero’s Faith, Hope, and Love, our hero’s prince and guardian angel must help him to recover them – through three dangerous adventures: the Forest of Doubt, the Way of Despair, and the Valley of Tears.  Along the way, our hero must ask for help from the Sacraments, must combat the Seven Deadly Sins, and must learn the value of Love and the necessity of depending on God’s grace.

And just when everything seems most in jeopardy – it is the Blessed Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist that saves the day!

A perfect combination of catechesis and entertainment! Faith, Formation and Fun!

CAST:  2 men, 1 woman.  Up to 15 volunteer children from the audience, each of whom have one or two lines to read.  Or the children could be incorporated into the show ahead of time and rehearsed.

LENGTH:  One-Act, about 45 minutes.

REQUIREMENTS:  Either unitary abstract set, or simple backdrops for each scene of the adventure.  Simple costumes and props.

The Body of Christ

DESCRIPTION:  Salvation History in 60 minutes or less!

In this brilliant comedy, a troupe of threadbare vaudeville performers are challenged to tell the story of God's plan for our salvation, from Adam and Eve to the Apocalypse, with a little help from the kids in the audience.  The perfect combination of laughter and learning!

The actors, who are down on their luck, are given a chance to audition for a play called "The Body of Christ", a modern version of the medieval mystery pageants.  The actors put together and perform funny skits in the hopes of getting cast.  Each skit makes a point and together they form a panorama of Salvation History, showing the scope of God's love for us.  Skits include Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah & the Ark, Moses & the Red Sea, David & Goliath, the Nativity, the Wise Men, the Crucifixion.

CAST:  2 men; 1 woman; plus volunteer children from the audience,.  The volunteer children appear in sketches but speak no lines.

LENGTH:  One-Act.  Playing time: about 45 min.

REQUIREMENTS:  Unitary set, can be abstract.  Can be performed anywhere, even outdoors with no set; simple props and costumes.