The Body of Christ

DESCRIPTION:  Salvation History in 60 minutes or less!

In this brilliant comedy, a troupe of threadbare vaudeville performers are challenged to tell the story of God's plan for our salvation, from Adam and Eve to the Apocalypse, with a little help from the kids in the audience.  The perfect combination of laughter and learning!

The actors, who are down on their luck, are given a chance to audition for a play called "The Body of Christ", a modern version of the medieval mystery pageants.  The actors put together and perform funny skits in the hopes of getting cast.  Each skit makes a point and together they form a panorama of Salvation History, showing the scope of God's love for us.  Skits include Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah & the Ark, Moses & the Red Sea, David & Goliath, the Nativity, the Wise Men, the Crucifixion.

CAST:  2 men; 1 woman; plus volunteer children from the audience,.  The volunteer children appear in sketches but speak no lines.

LENGTH:  One-Act.  Playing time: about 45 min.

REQUIREMENTS:  Unitary set, can be abstract.  Can be performed anywhere, even outdoors with no set; simple props and costumes.